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Welcome to The Big Breath Company – where every breath has the power to transform your life. Founded in 2014 by Elif Clarke and Sarah Jons, we are dedicated to offering high-quality and official Transformational Breath® events and corporate workshops in the UK and abroad. Our mission is to help individuals unleash their full potential and experience life-changing transformations through the power of breathwork.

The big breath company

Smart individuals recognise the significance of taking responsibility for their physical and mental well-being. However, many tend to overlook one vital aspect that can transform their lives- Breathing.

At The Big Breath Company we specialise in teaching the art of breathwork, which is not just any regular inhale/exhale exercise. Our powerful and immersive integrative process connects you with your life force energy and unlocks your full potential.

No two people breathe alike

Your breath is unique to you. You have your own style and pattern, just like a fingerprint.

The problem is that you are not taught how to breathe, and as you grow older, your breath pattern changes. Unfortunately, these changes are not good for your body and can cause chaos, underpinning various physical and mental health problems.

Breath is spirit, and spirit is breath. Without adequate breath in the body, you cannot have a full experience of spiritual life.

If you are looking for a true deep-dive breathwork experience, then you have found the No.1 company that can deliver it to you. However, be warned that it is powerful and will blast through your channels like nothing else out there.

The big breath company
The big breath company

Join our Level 1, 11, 111

TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH® PERSONAL LEVEL Training Programme (Step 1 toward Certification & Professional Training)

This is a 6 day non residential programme.  


6th to 11th October 2023


LSE Bankside SE1 9JA


Registration closing soon for Feb Price:£1650 

Early Bird for Oct Price: £1400


The Big Breath Company

Elif Clarke Senior Trainer & Sarah Jons Co Trainer

The big breath company

Online 1-2-1 Sessions

Elif & Sarah are both available for in person and online one to one sessions. Please contact them directly below.To book private group/corporate sessions. please email

the big breath company

1-2-1 Private Session

With Elif Clarke. Also, Corporate Workshops Tel: 07944 532456 Central London & UK

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1-2-1 Private Session

With Sarah Jons. Also, Corporate Workshops Tel: 07769 111711 Central London & UK
The big breath company

Personal Journey Level 1, 11, 111

6th to 11th October 2023 Led by Senior Trainer Elif Clarke

Reclaim Your Breath

16th to 17th December 2023 LSE Bankside House London UK SE1 9JA Led by Trainer Sarah Jons
the big breath company

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