Wise people know that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own physical and mental health.

And yet one important thing gets overlooked…


Yes, if we want to improve inner well-being, boost our immunity and feel inspired then we all need to LEARN how to BREATHE EFFECTIVELY.

No two people breathe alike. The quality of breath is an indicator of the quality of life. Without adequate breath, there is no health. The flow of our breath is, therefore, essential in issues of health. We are not born knowing how to breathe well, and often learn bad habits such as holding our breath, breathing shallowly, or hyperventilating. Shallow breathing is one of the most fundamental and instinctive behavioural reactions to emotion.

So 99.99% of people take breathing for granted. They’re not the ones who have experienced a Transformational Breath® session.

This powerful, amazing tool, is destined to become the No 1 choice for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Elif and Sarah were inspired to start The Big Breath Company in 2014. They have decades of combined experience in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Biology alongside Yoga and other alternative therapies.

Working with the ‘breath’ transformed both their personal lives. They believe that Transformational Breath® is the most powerful self-healing process on the planet and the best stress management tool available.

Wouldn’t you like to experience what it feels like to breathe using your full respiratory system?


1-2-1 Sessions & Newsletter

Elif has left the NHS to focus exclusively on Transformational Breath®. You can experience private Transformational Breath sessions in London and home counties. 

To book 1:2:1’s or small private group sessions please contact Elif via her contact button below:

1-2-1 Private Session

Elif Clarke
Also Corporate Workshops
Tel: 07944 532456
Central London & UK

Private Session

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Elif works full time as a Breathworker.
Her email address is

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1-2-1 Private Session

Sarah Jons
Also Corporate Workshops
Tel: 07769 111711
Central London & UK

Private Session

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Sarah has limited availability
Her email address is

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Our Calendar

We have so many events going on. From Introductory Workshops through to Professional Facilitator Training

Our Calendar

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Breath Circle
Reclaim Your Breath Weekend
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Reclaim Your Super Powers

This is an official Transformational Breath® programme.  A self-development journey of breath mastery.

Reclaim Your Super Powers

23rd & 24th Nov 19
Studio Orchard
Residential & Non residential
Deep immersive experience

Official Transformational Breath Programme

Reclaim Your Super Powers is an official Transformational Breath Programme. Discover the techniques of Breath Analysis, Body Mapping, Sound & Toning and experience twice-daily Breath Sessions. On this uplifting weekend you will reap the benefits that take place when you release restrictions in your breathing pattern.

£275 per person

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Forthcoming Events

Whether you’ve experienced Transformational Breath before isn’t important. Our  introductory workshops are suitable for everybody regardless of experience, age or physical fitness.

Our Monthly Breath Circle is for anyone who has attended an Introductory Transformational Breath Workshop.

Learn to Breathe

Introductory Breath Workshop
2pm 7th Dec 2019
London SW8


11am to 1:30pm

Full Price £57 ( Early Bird Available)
Tickets available from Eventbrite

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Open your Breath

Monthly Breath Circle
11am 26th Oct 2019
London SW8


11am to 12:30pm
Monthly Price £30.00
Prior experience required
Tickets available on Eventbrite

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