Why should you attend a breathing retreat?

We’ve been building our worldview and teaching people to breathe by visiting new countries as part of our journey (most recently China). The symbol above is the Chinese Mandarin for Breathe. The first symbol represents the exhale, the second the inhale. A subtle but dynamic cultural difference to our own as they exhale before they inhale; so you have to … Read More

Sleep Better Discover Transformational Breath

Sleep Better Discover Transformational Breath®   When people experience Transformational Breath® for the first time, they are often overwhelmed by the experience, they leave feeling lighter, centered, more connected to their bodies and more aware of their breath. The fact is many of us don’t breathe well, because over time we develop bad breathing habits that become normal for us.  … Read More

Judith Kravitz Inspirational Breathwork Teacher

Tulku Rimpoche Thubten, Tibeten Buddhist Lama described Judith Kravitz as ‘Judith Kravitz is the most impressive teacher of breath work I have ever encountered in both the east and the west. Her techniques have the power to lead one to have a direct experience of liberation on many levels. You may call it a short cut to enlightenment’ Transformational Breath® … Read More

My First Letter to You on the Breath

  The most dangerous threat you’ll ever face in life is yourself You’ll say yes when you should say no You’ll be too laid back when you should be disciplined You’ll be angry when you should be calm You’ll be sad when you should be happy And you will fight consistently with those you love…when you should be making peace … Read More