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Our Feedback

Feel ALIVE Experienced energy in abdomen never felt before: Came in as an 83 year old; leaving as an 18 yr old
Fatima Bakharia

Reclaim Your Breath™

“Gorgeous, friendly, supportive teachers. Hugely enlightening body work as well as enriching for the soul. One of the weirdest practices I’ve done but stick with it, there’ill be no regrets.”
Ellie Tanner

Susan Abrahams

“Absolutely brilliant weekend. Venue is lovely and food great. Facilitators are supportive, kind and encouraging. Everyone needs to do TBr.
Julia Linehan

“The facilitators and trainer are like guardian angels. Gently helping and healing deep issues and emotional release. For the first time I have felt something close to peace and acceptance.”
Diana Machin

“Again a wonderful retreat, it really change my life, the way now I look at myself and others.”
Emmanuelle Savarit.

“A great technique for people who feel a little caught up in the rat race and want to take a step back and reclaim their own space. I will go home more grounded than when I arrived.”
Pascale Newcombe

“Don’t feel far enough down this path to comment yet”
Leonie Greene

“The breath work is one of the most powerful tools I have experienced for releasing feelings and creating more energy in the body.”
Nicole Belle

“It releases pain, feel better and will transform your life”
Emanuelle Savarit

“This is a training that could easily be combined with other modalities. It is easy to learn.
Allyson McDonald

“I’ve been in therapy for nearly 6 years and I’ve gained so much though hard work on myself. I’ve worked though a lot of pain. Then I found TBr & withing my first sessions I cried. It’s been an incredible experience and opened me up in ways I haven’t for a v v long time.
Becky O’Sullivan

“The course was very well organised and the facilitators were so supportive and caring during our breathing sessions- really felt like a totally safe environment in which to let go. Loved it”
Julia Linehan

“An opportunity to peel back the layers”
Tabitha Beaven

“An angelic space to release your fear and return to your truth-held and loved by a team of loving light beams: the angels!”
Jessikka Ainsworth

Our Retreats

Doing a breathing retreat is a great way to peel back the layers of emotions and go a little deeper. Surrounded by wonderful, interesting, supportive people taking a similar journey is very powerful for healing. Tabitha Beaven

If you haven’t yet discovered the remarkable, powerful and life-changing world of your own breath. The Big Breath Company is a great place to go. Crispin Semmens

Like nothing I have every experienced before-the most powerful mind, body, spirit experience imaginable in a great setting, with great people. Add a dash of Tim Dingle and it’s the most life-changing retreat you will ever go on! Patrick Fisher

Perfect experience if someone is looking for a break from stressful life-learning to breath is a total transformation. Emmanuelle Savarit

A great few days. Really beneficial. So glad I came. Elliot Naftalin

It was one of the most beautiful experiences that I have ever had. Such beauty of love and connection. Beautiful session. Nourishing. The most amazing food ever. Amazing. Simple. Healthy and fresh. Thank you for the most incredible and beautiful weekend. I would recommend this to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you think you need it or not. It is the most amazing experience that you will perhaps have in your life. Tze Ching Yeung

Excellent everyone should have this experience. Relaxing, pictures from every angle. It’s glamping at it’s best! Awesome. I’ve never had someone cater for my personal needs (vegan). Everything amazing as a beginner. Thank you for changing my life, making lifes everyday challenges seem less of a mountain and more of a slope. Susan Abrahams

This life changing retreat is spiritual but not religious. It grounds you and puts you in contact with your breath and your body. It feels like taking a warm bath in love. Love to myself and to the World. Absolutely loved it. The food was beyond my wildest dreams. The shala was terrific, just perfect. Tents great too. The trio is the perfect combination of what we all have in us, all the strong sides of being a women impersonated. Ulrika Nisser

Feel blessed with gratitude, liberated and joyful. Thank you. Carmen Martinez Aleman

Thank you. All of it. Perfect balance. Ameliala Fuente

Rejuvenating and inspiring. Fantastic. I loved it. I will return. I was very stressed before I came here to the point I wasn’t sure how I could continue. This was first the break I needed to get off the roundabout. Thank you x Sheri Downer

Liberating. Amazing. Never had better vegetarian food. Helped me to release tension, get rid of anger, feel, love. Annelie Orbe
Beyond excellent. I felt so safe and grateful for all the kindness shown during the retreat. As I said it’s unbelievable. I feel alive and so
happy to have the chance to be part of this wonderful experience. I loved it. The food was beyond this world. It has open new windows to vegetarian food and I will these wonderful dishes for months to come. This retreat has been absolutely perfect. I’ve discovered my breath, this self-healing tool and it will be with me forever, the power of love that you feel when you share these experiences with wonderful human beings. Concha Hutchins

“I’m on quite a healing journey, and trying all sorts of things but this has by far felt like the most powerful thing I’ve done. Really intrigued as to how I’ill feel but definitely want to do more. Thank you so much xx” Tabitha Tabitha Beaven

“A powerful healing workshop, intense, opening and moments of beautiful stillness” Alaur Rahmen

“Mind blowing, I completely underestimated what a powerful process this would be, the team were exceptionally kind and knowledgeable. I would whole hardheartedly recommend this to literally anyone” Patrick Fisher

“If you’re a fast paced person this is a chance to feel the power of slowing down for just a day. Rejuvenating, energising and relaxing. The breath is powerful. Crispin Semmens

“Was a very enlightening & experimental workshop I attended. ” Rousa Kyproll

Transformational Breath & Yoga Urban Escape

“Everything was great. The workshop was powerful for me. I loved the venue as well. Yoga and mediation sessions were amazing.”

“I came to the workshop not knowing what to expect but all i can say now is how amazing it is, it has taught me a different way of living and given me an insight into myself and I discovered many things today. Thank You”

“A cathartic experience that cuts to the chase. No words needed. Just breath. Fantastic facilitators who ‘just know’.”
Rosie Worboys

“Transformational breathing helps to reach me memories and emotions stored deep in cellular memories that may even have been passed down from our ancestors. This is therapy that conventional techniques struggle to deal with”.
Megan Bingham

“I had an amazing time at Elif’s and Sarah’s day workshop. They are exceptional breath workers, they create a wonderful, warm, friendly and safe circle, so that sharing is easy, and everyone felt held by their expertise and giving. Very highly recommended.”
Beverley D Silva

“A wonderful experience with a caring and professional holding from the facilitation team. It truly is turbo-psychotherapy for the body.”
Lorna Fulton

“Breathwork continues to open my consciousness and allows me to accept my truths and be fine with who I am. It’s a struggle for love and one worth taking, again and again.”
Eliie Tanner

“A wonderful experience with a great team of teachers, I will definitely return. The food was delicious too.”
M Reilly

“Transformational Breath is exactly what it says. It’s transformational and will change your life for the better. Anyone will find this beneficial!”
D Machin

“Excellent day. A wonderful experience. Lovely food. Very warm and friendly facilitators. Powerful stuff. I feel amazing. Like a child again.”
Conor Rochford

“Everyone should experience this.
Pauline Morel

Corporate Workshops

“I have always been aware of my breath and that i breathe shallowly, and just wanted to get some advice. But this workshop surpassed all my expectations and has given me more than I could have hoped for. I’ill be using the techniques and exercises to better my fitness and ease stress. The class was amazing and I would recommend to everyone”
Becky Endacott


“I really enjoyed the workshop and have found it very useful and will try to now use this in everyday life”
Clare Marcus

“I suffer with anxiety and can feel tension in my chest. This really helped me to relax and understand how to remain calm when things get a bit too much”
Sarah Lawson

“I found the breathing out very fulfilling”
Kehinda Orishayom

“You will be able to learn how to improve the breathing method in day to day life”
Christine Heynes

“This session surpassed my expectations. I’ve really struggled with stress anxiety and shallow breathing in the past, and this session has given me better insight to how proper breathing can help me. I felt like i was carried to a deep spiritual place throughout the exercises. I’ill be using this technique in my daily life.”
Alison Nolan

Introductory Workshops

“I believe this is the way forward if you want to find calmness, happiness with yourself and live life to the fullest. Your taking you ( your body mind) everywhere in you”
Kliesnkova Eva

“Beautiful experience. Thank you”
Milica Ahmad

“It was an amazing experience, felt very emotional during the session. I felt like negative energy left my body through my head”

“With apprehension I signed up. With in-trepidation I started to breathe. When it was over a slow realisation ran through my body that my mind had stopped but my body expressed and heard it’s own cries. Breathing into them they disappeared. Highly recommend.
Fiona Dodd

“A very powerful technique- a doorway to altered states of consciousness where we can release that which needs to be let go of”
Jamie Richards

“Excellent workshop, looking forward to further breath sessions”
Jonathan Miller

“My intention for the session was to surrender. I felt I was able to on a level I had not before. Very special experience. I feel freer and lighter. Thank you”
Kat Rodd

“I walked out feeling like I was walking on air. My shoulders have dropped and feel like they are where they are meant to be for the first time in ages.”
Hannah Edwards

“Very emotional experience. Prepare to cry”
Georgie Nikoletou

“Came with no preconceptions-staggered by how powerful the physical and emotional sensations were- definitely going to continue with this.”
Clare Moxom

“I am a complete convert! I feel relaxed and like I’m taking positive steps to combat my depression and anxiety- I feel like they’ve just not been present in the last hour!”
Louise Moxom”

“What a great experience to give time to yourself and experience the joy of breathing more fully and deeply. Thank you”
Sue Bradley

“Great workshop and great start to what will be wonderful, is your ACTIVE help to sustain this and make it a habit”
Ash Parashar

“Amazing. Thank you”
Jacqui Dark

“Amazing experience”
Devi Janmanyal

“This was my first experience of Transformational Breath and it was very powerful but also very gentle. I experienced many different sensations and emotions passing through my body – it was quite intense. At the end of the sessions, I’m feeling unexpectedly relaxed?, rejuvenated, joyful. The beauty lies in simplicity and gentleness.”
Anna Salamon

“Very emotion. In my mind I was coming to an exercise class”
Louise Warne

“It was a very powerful experience, the facilitators empathy and understanding made it very easy to let go in a group environment”
Samantha Martin
“I found the class/workshop amazing. I had tingles all over and relaxed more than with other relaxation techniques I have use before. Thank you !!!”  Deabhla

“Good for releasing”
R W Tanner

“Too soon to say”
G Langdon Down
“Amazing experience. Everyone should try this at least once, even if you already do yoga. This technique brings a different dimension to breath work” Megan Bingham

“Well worth doing. A new experience. I think with time and practise I will feel better and better” Alan Davidoff

“Haven’t felt that relaxed for ages” Anon

“I had quite a spiritual experience. It gave me a chance to think. I had a lengthy thought process that I feel like I need to write down later on my own before I talk about what I went through. Perhaps I’ll send it in. 😉 Thanks ” Charlotte Lipman
“Keep doing what you’re doing” Rebecca

“A beautiful release, vibrating” John Monkman

“A wonderful space, incredibly warm and supportive team, the perfect size of group, all come together to make for a fantastic environment to explore this profoundly therapeutic practice” Tanya Love

“It has given me a gift of the appreciation for the breath” Jenny Elphinstone

” Loved it, loved the music the smell of the place, the people everything perfect ” Rachel

“I know that I have blockages in my body and have tried many therapies. I feel like this is the one that really targets these blockages with “ease”. I am excited to learn more” Ellie Tanner

“My body was pulsating all over and a diamond light entered my third eye and another entered my heart and I saw a sacred temple and lots of candles” Anneke Kuiper

“It’s amazing that such a simple technique can have such a profound effect. I recommend transformational breath to everybody” Sophie Williams

“I felt like I was in a blanket of love and safety. I felt like a new women when the workshop was over Can I come again tomorrow?”  Naomi Givans

“Energising and relaxing at the same time” Barbara Perez

“My tension is the stomach and shoulders have been released” Sam Buxo

” Very fascination and intense, so much came up for me ” Amy Brooks

“The commentaries were really like reading my emotions, it was fascinating. Also the gentle, caring attitude of the facilitators! I felt totally safe ” Ildiko Preiner

“Great way to face hidden feelings and either let them go or just recognise they there. It just makes you a happier person” Times Munkacsy

“The workshop and the team running it was wonderful. I recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve their goals and peace of mind” Diana Machin

” I have been several times this time I felt I left my body incredible sensation so calm.”
“The most effective workshop I have ever attended- it made me feel calm and relaxed unlike anything I’ve experienced before” Rachel Menezes

“Arrived tense and unsure but now feel less anxious and more focused on well-being- I feel really floaty and positive. Give it a go” Annmarie Barwick

“I was really impressed with how something so simple can achieve so much and help you ultimately, to live better.”

“I was allowed to express- my intention was- I am safe and each practitioner told me that I was safe.” Zenaide Dias Paulo

“Incredible. 30 years of tension is leaving my body ” A Davis

“Thank you. It made me aware that as many other breathwork therapies, it is a process, the key is to stay with it, and allow self to be. The healing ( self-acceptance/self-realisation/ self ( and) universal love) happens in connecting with self and with the other. In breathwork, the breath is your natural probably most effective tool and yourself your professional guide ( mentor) are the people who can help you to start this process and maintain it safely, kindly.” Sebnem Oz

“Enjoyed the breathwork, especially when the facilitators worked on the acupressure points to release emotions” Reshma Sayeed

“Left feeling lighter and at peace! All my worries that I carry around constantly seem to have disappeared.” Saeeda Akbar

“A wonderful inner peace found ( by the tantrums too). Very refreshing to listen to your own breath.”  Marcelle Stotter

“The session helped to bring up emotions stored deep down I cried. It felt wonderful. I felt safe. I felt the love.” Greg Hayman

“I have had a hugely complicated pregnancy and feel like I have been holding my breath for three months. Today I learned how to breathe for two” Claire Edmonson

“I came to your workshop feeling rather nervous and stressed but I am leaving your workshop feeling calm and relaxed. Definitely a transformational experience. Thank You ” Caroline Davey

“It was worth every penny” Rhodri Crooks

“This workshop brought out many emotions” Jill Smith

“I feel like my insides had a spring clean and my breath felt smoother” Cathy

“Very interesting workshop relaxing and constructive. You learn about your body and mostly about what you hold in.

” I am 52 and have 2 grown up children. I don’t think I have felt this kind of release and wholeness since I was a child.” Bibi Basch

” I attended the workshop out of pure curiosity to try another breathing technique. It is certainly one that I will be able to use for calming and relaxation in the future” Heather Mckay

” Helped to reconnect with all the parts of myself that I avoid in a day to day life, process suppressed emotions, release, let go and be light.” Natalia Predka

“Very enjoyable-I have had a lot of stress recently and I am not sleeping, so hope this helps. I would like to do future workshops, retreats too. Clodagh Ryan

“Thank you so much I am extremely grateful for your kind and professional help. These sessions have changed my life” Elaine Philpot

“Deeply healing and powerful.” Carmita

“Wonderful session with great facilitators. Really enjoyable experience with transformational techniques.” Liam Doherty

“Very powerful release of energy” Philippe Bembassat

“Breathwork has been life changing for me!! I am learning who I am “

“A very good and interesting session. I am still absorbing the experience” Josie

“Each experience has been so different but each time I feel something shift that I need to let go of. And sometimes I really feel complete peace and connection to God, Spirit or whatever we choose to call it” Claire Winterbourne

“Myself going through IVF and trying almost everything.If you are on same journey try this event first! You will save time and money ”- Erin Lavin

“This experience has given me a life-changing insight into who I really am. How I allow/control myself in a detrimental way, by not expressing how I feel.” Bev Bates.

“Nice course well run, good use of facilitators too- attentive” David Postolowsky

“I found the workshop hugely releasing and afterwards felt very relaxed. I am going to continue” Louise Van Herpen.

“It was amazing how much tension I was holding. I felt a huge sense of release and relief. Thank You” Tim Brennan

“When I first did a breath workshop I found I didn’t particularly like or benefit from it. This time I felt more accepting/ open to it and felt alert at the end of it.” Malin Sellden

“It’s time to reconnect with breath, to transform.” Elaine Stewart-Coyne

“I had no idea what to expect- come with an open mind, leave with an open heart” Tracy Short

“This is a truly wonderful and unexpected experience. The best therapy in such a short time. So much emotion was released”- Dao Tran Boyd

“I felt very connected with myself and my baby (I’m 3 and half months pregnant) it was very emotional, amazing feeling.” Miranda Dingle

“The Big Breath Workshop was a very powerful experience. It’s not only a way to increase energy but it releases stored-up emotions.” Melissa Hales

“It has enabled me to fully recover from PTSD, which I was unable to do through other more traditional forms of therapy/healing.” Elaine Philpot

“Not at all what I expected but a great experience that genuinely makes a real difference.”Mark Papworth

“I am so glad I came to this session. It’s amazing to feel the immediate effects. Thank You! I will definitely be attending more sessions and attempting this at home.” Erika Mcculloch

“This will be a good, practical and effective way for me to manage stress and decompress from life’s various obstacles. Really looking forward to continuing this practice. “Grainne O Brien

“I am not used to yoga/meditation but I look a lot out of that. It’s the most relaxed I’ve felt in years.” Matt Crate

“I felt very relaxed and alive after the workshop.” Mary Cronin

“I think I’ve said everything before but my experience keeps getting better & better” Tabitha Beaven

“Very thought provoking, it should be taught in schools. Maybe we would have balanced children with lower stress levels” Pamela Mitra

“Thought provoking, different, inspiring, opened my mind” Anon

“A unique experience that reaches parts other therapies cannot reach” Anon

“I wasn’t expecting such a powerful physical reaction to breathing” Paul Davison “This was my 1st time I really enjoyed it and will like to do another workshop. I felt really good after the workshop” Claire Staniland

“This was my first experience and certainly not the last. Very interesting to see how the breath effects us in all ways. It can be used as a great healing process. Highly recommended.” Sarah Rechensac

“ I felt the vibrations” Anon

“Who would know that breathing is so important for our well being. Incredible experience and very emotional. Got to be tried.” Michelle North

“I have never felt a sensation like that before- truly wonderful. We will be back” Anon

“I went along unsure of what I was going to. I leave lighter, more centred and more connected. Thank you-lots to process” Caroline Moss

“Just amazing but bring tissues as I hadn’t expected to cry so much!” Claire Reid

“The breathwork really help to connect you to your body & how much we constrict in order to contain what we find frightening” Soraya Allison

“Wonderfully releasing” Hilary Warrell

“Completely and total-clear mind of thoughts of disconnection from the world” Fiona Porter Hough

“The workshop was really insightful and really worked for me. I felt a really strong release of emotion, and felt awashed with oxygen and light :-)” Gerhard du Plessis

“Very calming” Nina Clark

“I feel really light headed after the session. During the session I felt dizzy in a good way” Philippe Tholimet

“This being my 2nd session I was able to release even more of my emotions and not feel so frightened of what was happening to me. I will be doing it again-there’s still more to do” Paul Storey

“This will help people to relax” K Sundaramoorthy

“I felt relaxed most of the time and then when a facilitator touched my diaphragm and chest to help me to breath better I started to feel emotional. Later I suddenly started crying a lot and a facilitator came and sat with me and supported me. I feel a little shaken but like I have released something as well” Dushyanthi Sundaramoorthy

“Hard for me to put into words but a very thought provoking experience which I will try again” Lyn Pilborough

“The last phase where things slowed down and I felt deeply moved and experienced an insight into a personal situation” Deborah Cullinan

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and I didn’t know what to expect so thank you for helping me to learn to breath” A Wilkinson

“This is my 2nd time. Very nice experience. Felt all calm from inside out. Everything sort of looks brighter and sharper” Tze Ching Yeung

“This is a great technique which everybody should experience. Life to short not too” Sando Ayad

“Phenomenal, deep, visceral experience that left me feeling energised and joyous & connected to some deeper emotions” Gurinder Sandhu

“It was an amazing and profound experience. It was eye opening to see how deep our breath can take us. I will be back for more” Simona Dvorackova

“This is a wonderful workshop. I felt safe & held to allow the breath to do it’s work. I will incorporate this into each day” Sue Willbourn

“I know I don’t breath properly and I believe it has affected me in my health, weight and thinking. I am determined to take this lesson with me!” Alison Wright

“As a coach I was already very aware of the physical and mental benefits of breathing. What I hadn’t experienced before was the emotional and spiritual side. An amazing workshop” Ben Davies

“I didn’t have any spiritual or emotional experiences. My fingers and jaw tingled and at first my head ached and dizzy. When it was over and I sat up I felt so heavy and dizzy. Could not open my eyes. But I feel great now and v happy.” Maria Yiannikkou

“I opened myself much more than I thought I could. I was crying but feeling wonderful at the same time. Letting go emotional restrictions which produced physical blocks” Sara Ayala

“Achieve a deep sense of wellbeing by attending one of these workshops” Yvonne Forward

“Come & experience. It is transformational and words are not enough to describe” Sue Ingram

“I feel relaxed and very alive after the breathing session” Mary Cronin

“Transformational breath has been the most powerful but natural healing tool that I have ever come across-it’s amazing” Julie Linehan

“Great way to get in touch with with my body and release any tension or past traumas” Gosia

“This is the first time I’ve tried transformational breathing and it has been a truly wonderful experience” Hannah Stewart

“Would recommend to anyone. Be open minded. Free “therapy” you can self administer Peter Wool

“I very much enjoyed today, I shall recommend it to my friends and family” Sandra F

“I was expecting some kind of emotional response but it was much more physical than that. I experienced strong tingling and numbness. I had much more powerful releases than I was expecting but I feel ‘cleaner’for it.” Anna R

“I’m always sceptical about complimentary therapies, but I did really relax and enjoy the session. I will be trying it out at home.” .Roberta J

“I felt really relaxed afterwards.” .Linda S

“It was such a wonderful experience, I feel energised, peaceful, even healed. Thank You :-).”. Evie B

“Amazing but emotional journey back to being a premature baby in an incubator. I was at one time listening to a machine breathing for me. Emotionally longing for my mother- then ‘survival’ kicked in and I used the breath.” Deborah F

“I have never felt a sensation like that before- truly wonderful. We will be back.” Anon

“This is a technique that everyone should experience once. How to have a great time, feel good, on your own. Enlightening.” Jo H

“I have never felt so relaxed as I did today- despite doing Yoga and meditating for quite a few years. Thank you.” Caroline P