My First Letter to You on the Breath


The most dangerous threat you’ll ever face in life is yourself

You’ll say yes when you should say no

You’ll be too laid back when you should be disciplined

You’ll be angry when you should be calm

You’ll be sad when you should be happy

And you will fight consistently with those you love…when you should be making peace with yourself.

A few years ago, I qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I did so because I wanted to help myself- although I had no idea that I would end up helping others.

Early last year, I went on a Transformational Breath seminar, I did so because I needed help again.  I lay down on the sanctuary floor and let my head sink into the pillow, my eyes closed- as I contemplated what invisible force had brought me to this room full of strangers.  I was guided, and facilitated. I breathed with a conscious connected breath and lost myself in music, time and space. I felt free but safe, calm but emotional, alone but accompanied.

Something deep healed within me. (Don’t ask me what).

So, I got what I needed. I left there feeling more alive, more inspired, more awake, more energised than I had in years. I wanted more and experienced more and I’m now a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator.

And, throughout this amazing journey, I learned two very important things:

1 Life isn’t so bad

2 It’s not about healing, it’s about breathing

Before you roll your eyes, unfollow me on Twitter, and then write me off as some batty tree hugging lunatic who has joined some cult and has never known what it’s like to have an out of body experience …. you should know part of that is true, but actually I’m a free thinker.

I am truly blessed, children, loving husband, close family and some great friends but…

I’ve always felt this deep need for something more and I think I’m getting closer.

I think it’s so important to all of us as we become more detached from our families, from nature, from ourselves and more dependent on technology. We need downtime to escape or retreat. To spend some time away doing the things that make us human.

More time in nature, more quality time with family and friends. More time taking care of ourselves. More time detoxing, digitally and organically. More time doing the things you love that are good for you. More time discovering and doing your why.

And the one way you or I can take special care… is by spending time away in healing spaces (and I’m not talking about the gym).

That’s what we’ve been doing for thousands of years. From sleeping in pyramids, engaging in rituals, to visiting sacred places or meditating in the mountains; it’s part of our culture.

Now, everyone’s waking up and getting interested again- and they are desperate to find places to go to rejuvenate, to heal, and to spend time looking inside for deeper meaning

Conscious connected breathing workshops and retreats are the perfect place to heal, escape and experience something transforming and amazing.

Still unsure?  That’s completely natural. But I hope my first letter to you on the breath and others which I will send out regularly, will help provide some some insight into the benefits of Transformational Breath.

So much so, that one day sooner than you think, you will try it out for yourself. As really words

Remember. You are beautiful despite what you think. You only get one life. Breath is life.

In the end it’s my dream that we can all learn how to depend on ourselves more for general wellness – and less on doctors, prescribed pills, drugs, alcohol, others & society. Because there is something magical that happens when you look stop, pause, and look inside (with the breath).

And I’m here (with Elif and Sabine) to prove it to you

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