Terms and conditions applying to our joint undertaking for One to One Transformational Breath Sessions

  • We agree to work together to address the issues you present. The individual and unique nature of each treatment means, however, that there can be no guarantee of a cure or specific result.
  • The cost of each session will be £90 fully inclusive. Payment is made via the online booking calendar via PayPal. Should you wish to book and pay via an alternative means then please contact us directly.
  • You must pre-arrange all your treatment appointments. Please don’t turn up without an appointment. You may make contact between sessions by telephone, email, SMS (text) or post.
  • Our contact details are  Sarah Jons phone is + 44 (0) 7769 111711 mailto:sarah@thebigbreathcompany.com & Elif Clarke phone is +44 (0) 7944 532456 mailto:elif@thebigbreathcompany.com

You agree to give as much notice as possible of any necessary alterations to booked appointments. We agree to do the same. If you cancel an appointment fewer than 72 hours before the agreed time of the session we are sorry but you will have to pay the followFirst-time

  1. time cancellation within 72 hours 50% payment
  2. Second consecutive time cancellation within 72 hours 100% payment
  • We may take notes during sessions to aid the treatment plan. We will keep such material for as long as is helpful in providing support. All data relating to you will at all times be held securely. You have the legal right to be given access to your records, with reasonable notice.
  • Your welfare is the primary concern throughout your treatment. We will only depart from this principle if not to do so would seriously jeopardise others.
  • We will ensure that your confidentiality will be maintained in all but the most exceptional circumstances and all information collected during the sessions will be protected at all times. Information may also be shared with an NHS medical practitioner or other Health Professional, but only with your agreement. Information will only be disclosed without your consent under a Court Order (civil, criminal or coroner’s Court) or in circumstances where we have reason to believe that you or others may be at risk of serious harm.
  • We are members of a member of the Transformational Breath Foundation UK (TBFUK) and all our work must comply with its standards and ethics. TBFUK can be contacted at info@transformationalbreath.co.uk
  • We have an obligation under my TBFUK membership to continue professional learning and development, which includes sharing case histories with supervisors and peer-support groups.
    While we may discuss matters arising from our work with you we will always ensure that your personal details are anonymised so that your confidentiality is not compromised.
  • Any variation from this contract can only be by mutual agreement.

Agreed as stated above and issued at the time of booking.