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Breath Taking Introductory Transformational Breath® Workshops

Perhaps you feel lost in life, maybe your health is suffering, or you feel stressed? Create a conscious connection with your breath and quickly notice the difference in life. Put a couple hours aside to learn about Transformational Breath ®. We believe it’s the most powerful self-healing tool on the planet and that focused breath practice is a perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle. Check out our click >>> calendar to find the next Introductory workshop in you area. If you want us to organise a workshop in your workplace or hometown contact us by email for further details.

One to One sessions

Personal one to one sessions are of great benefit to followers of Transformational Breath. We can provide a venue or these can be organised in the privacy of your own home or at work. Receive full support, attention and work on yourself at the deepest level of transformation.

Monthly Breathing Circle

Practice and consistency are an important part of Transformational Breath. Elif and Sarah have established a monthly breath group on the last Saturday of each month. This will run from 11am to 12:30pm at The Wheatsheaf Hall Vauxhall. This group is for anyone who has previously attended any introductory Transformational Breath workshop. You should be familiar with the technique. The cost is £30 plus a booking fee and can be booked via Eventbrit

Reclaim your Breath™ Weekends

An official Transformational Breath® programme. The content of the workshop: 4 full Transformational Breath sessions plus 2-morning breath sessions, Information about Transformational Breath and its benefits, How this tool works across the physical, mental-emotional & spiritual, Breath analysis, Intention – The importance of creating intention with breathwork, Diaphragmatic breathing and exercises, Feedback about your own breathing pattern and your potential for development. We run these each year.

Transformational Breath Seminar ( Personal levels I,II,III)

Elif Clarke is now a Senior Trainer and we running these each year. These are 6 days in length and we organise both residential and non residential levels. Click through to discover further information about this remarkable life changing journey. Find out More >>>>>Personal Levels I, II, III

Transformational Breath Facilitator Training ( Professional training IVA,& IVB)

This is a 14 day certified course and we run these in London. Many of the participants who join the personal levels, wish to continue and certify as a faciliator. Click through to discover further information about the teachings and development opportunities available Find out More>>>>Professional Training Level IVA & IVB

Big Breath Retreats

Our Big Breath Retreats provide an opportunity to escape, to arrive in a place of privacy, to be close to nature and share time with a group of like-minded people. Receive guidance and facilitation to stop, pause, and let go. At the end take home new learnings and tools, that will transform the way you live.