Reclaim Your Breath

July 2019

Personal Seminar 123

Weekends from March 2019

Go Deeper with Transformational Breath
Personal development programme
13th to 14th July 2019
Columbia Hotel London
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Early Bird Price
From £275 per person.

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Personal Levels 123
London Non Residential
From March 2019 (Weekends)
Columbia Hotel London
Who’s this for?

£1250 plus £350 Delegate Rate

Total £1600.

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What is a Big Breath Retreat About?

You work hard, nurture your families, support your friends, and often neglect someone very important in the process. You.

Our Big Breath Retreats provide an opportunity to escape, to arrive in a place of safety, of comfort, of non judgement and acceptance. With space to open fully, you will receive guidance and facilitation to stop, pause, let go and breathe deeply.

Expect to develop an awareness that comes out of looking and listening to what’s happening on the inside. Helping you to self heal; to create a connection within and outside with nature. Most of all, to be looked after and supported. To do things you just don’t make time for. At the end to take home, new learnings and tools, that will help you live more consciously.

As experienced therapists, teachers and coaches, we know the struggles people face,and the impact stress has in their lives. There isn’t time in traditional therapy appointments to address some of the core issues that lie at the root of many life problems. Conventional medicine only goes so far. We are experts in working with the mind, body and spirit. We want to show you how amazingly life changing, breathing can be.

The only thing you need to do is show up.

Our Big Breath Retreats integrate the experience of Transformational Breath ® alongside elements of other complimentary therapies, such as Hypnosis, Meditation, Yoga & Psychotherapy. Our shared belief is that breath is the No 1 self healing tool. Breathing has been practised for thousands of years; it’s a fundamental part of Shamanism, Buddhism, Yoga and other spiritual traditions.

As well as for everyone, we offer exclusive Ladies Only retreats. We create safe, spiritual spaces to promote healing in nature, away from our cities.

You don’t need any prior experience, to attend one of our retreats. You are invited to attend one of our workshops to meet us, and experience a session of Transformational Breath.

The main content is in English; if you need translation let us know.

Enjoy healthy vegetarian food and take a break from alcohol, as our retreats offer an opportunity to detox.

Our retreats are fully charged with emotion; we promise there will be fun as well, laughter, music, movement and most importantly breathing. Read our feedback from past participants.

““I would recommend this to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you think you need it or not. It is the most amazing experience that you will perhaps have in your life”
Tze Ching Yeung Ladies retreat attendee June 2016

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