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The big breath company

Trauma & Breath

 Full-day workshop

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The big breath company

Reiki Drum & Breath

 Full-day workshop

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The big breath company

Women Only Summer Fertility & Breath

 Full-day workshop

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The big breath company

Cacao & Breath

 Full-day workshop

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“Feel ALIVE Experienced energy in abdomen never felt before: Came in as an 83 year old; leaving as an 18 yr old.” -- Fatima Bakharia

“The most effective workshop I have ever attended- it made me feel calm and relaxed unlike anything I’ve experienced before” --Rachel Menezes

♡ Who’s it for? ♡

Whether you’re searching for something exciting, or numb with pain, or lost in depression and despair, or just plain neglecting yourself, one thing you might not realise is that breath is a self healing tool.

Whether you’ve experienced Transformational Breath ® before isn’t important. Our sessions are suitable for everybody regardless of age, physical fitness or mobility.

If you’re interested in improving health and well-being then join one of our workshops.

♡ What are the benefits? ♡

Transformational Breath ® is an integrative breathing technique. Helping the body to integrate stress, to promote healing, to reduce blood pressure, to reduce pain, this tool is fast working.

The benefits are numerous, lasting, and will remain long with you, after returning home.

♡ What’s it like? ♡

Our workshops are gentle; experiential learning; connecting breath with conscious and subconscious mind.

You will discover the basics of Transformational Breath ® and develop an aware of your breathing pattern

Lie down on mats, with cushions and blankets, effortless and relaxing. Close your eyes, receive guidance, lose yourself in sensory music and journey ‘inside’.

We facilitate you using acupressure techniques, and sound therapy to help detox the body and clear the mind.

♡ Workshop Hosts ♡

The Big Breath Company Partners supported by our team of Transformational Breath Facilitators will ensure that you are well looked after. We share a wealth of expertise across other disciplines, including Psychology, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Yoga.

We provide a high ratio of facilitators to breathers, so you will receive one to one instruction during our workshops.

We collaborate on some of our events with the best teachers available. Should you be interested in running an event with us — please get in touch.

“One session of transformational breathing is equal to 2 years of psychotherapy.”
Dr. Henry Smith Rohrberg

More about the experience

The Big Breath Company believes that breathing can be used to relax, calm, inspire and self heal. By learning to breath effectively, fully and diaphragmatic-ally, you can improve emotional and physical health.

You might wonder why we’re making such a fuss about breathing. Because, as experts in the fields of traditional and alternative therapy, it’s importance is forgotten and overlooked. Breathing has been practised for thousands of years, but it’s accessibility has been obscured in mysticism and religion. We want to ensure breathing is accessible; to individuals, as well as employers, for the old or young, regardless of fitness, or belief system.

We know that if you learn to breathe better, your experience of life will improve.

You already know it’s good to exercise, to eat the right foods, and get sufficient sleep. These things are important for physical, but they don’t fix emotional well being.  Emotional health can prevent you from looking after your physical body, they can stop you from sleeping well.

Think of the emotional baggage that accumulates throughout life. Stress, depression, insomnia, grief, sadness, anxiety, addictions, and eating disorders are labels we give to our emotional baggage. The older we get, the more labels we gather, the baggage takes up more space. If you were to look inside now, how heavy is your emotional baggage?  What labels can you see; what pain do you feel; how would you describe it?  What about the baggage belonging to your family, friends, or work colleagues?

It’s estimated that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year. That 1 in 3 people will see their GP for help. The average NHS appointment time is between 8 & 10 minutes. Just enough time to run a blood pressure test, ask a few questions and write a prescription. We live in a society that is dependent upon medication. Drugs only treat the symptoms, not the disease. Emotional baggage is an major disease in the West.

Why take a Workshop

Never has it been more important than now to take charge and assume responsibility for ourselves. We at The Big Breath Company believe Breathing practice should be an essential part of everyday life. It’s a tool that helps integrate emotional baggage. Maybe you have challenges with health or are trying to start a family? Perhaps your’re facing retirement, or struggling with a relationship. Are you in emotional pain, neglecting yourself or just plain lost?

Breathing will help you on the physical, and emotional level. There exists a third level. For some it’s spiritual, others would describe it as peaceful place of meditation and reflection. The further you go into this practice, the deeper you explore. It’s pretty awesome, amazing and life changing. The reason we set up this Company is to share our knowledge, and expertise more widely.

Our Big Breath Workshops integrate the experience of Transformational Breath®. They are themed throughout the year around some of the core benefits of breathing. Our themes are Transformation, Resilience, Rejuvenation, Freedom, Empowerment and Spirituality.

Each workshop will cover the basics of Transformational Breath ®, so they’re suitable for beginners. Group sizes are small, no more than 20 per class. We provide a high ratio of facilitation for Workshop participants, so you will receive personal guidance. The technique is practised lying down on mats, with pillows and blankets.

We invite you to book our Workshops to learn more about your own breath pattern and have your “own subjective experience”. Then all this will resonate at a deeper level, than just words on a webpage.

All you need to do is book, show up, and let us take care of you for a few hours.

Love Elif & Sarah