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Transformational Breath is possibly the most powerful self healing tool on the planet

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Transformational Breath ® is an amazing technique that works on three levels. Firstly, it teaches you to use your breathe to open the complete respiratory system. Physically this energises, clears toxins, and boosts the immune system. Transformational Breath reduces stress hormones that the body accumulates; each session can clear ‘something’, and leave behind feelings of relaxation in the body.

The mental and emotional is the second level. Emotionally, Transformational Breath clears unresolved issues. We accumulate negative experiences and painful memories throughout life. Each session creates an opportunity for these issues to be integrated on a subconscious level. Simply speaking you transform unwanted emotions into positive feelings.

The third level is dependent upon belief systems; for some it opens spiritual pathways and for others it’s fast track to deep meditative states.

History of Transformational Breath

Dr Judith Kravitz developed Transformational Breath over 30 years ago in the US. There are amazing stories of self healing using Transformational Breath; including reduction in symptoms of disease, such as cancer and back pain. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from this tool. The popularity of Transformational Breath continues to soar globally, in response to a crisis in physical and mental health and a lack of medical funding.

Who is Transformational Breath for?

The Big Breath Company Ltd aims to teach Transformational Breath everywhere.  We know that leaders aren’t born; they are made.  Emotional resilience in workplace is as important as physical health.  Mind and Body techniques are crucial to the well being of any healthy workforce.

Targeting workplace and education establishments is where we can make the biggest difference.

Transformational Breath enhances sports performance, increasing endurance, building winning teams and delivers a ‘competitive advantage’.

Our vision is to align our growth alongside supporting selected not for profit organisations.

Absolutely everyone can benefit from breathing better.  Newborn babies to the elderly, the sick, those close to end of life as well as the fit and healthy. Transformational Breath has been delivered around the globe  in hospitals, prisons, hospices and retreats.

Its charitable work is wide-ranging and includes a ground-breaking programme called Give Me Another Chance offering Transformational Breath to people with AIDS or HIV status who previously had given up hope of surviving. Following a ground-breaking and successful pilot project with 50 people, TIBA Africa Foundation is seeking financial support to expand its charitable work. You can read more about the project on their Global Giving page .

There are no limitations or restrictions to who we will work with.

The Benefits of Transformational Breath

  • Transformational Breath  is FREE
  • A self HEALING tool
  • Gets to work FAST
  • Is FUN
  • ENERGISES the body
  • Promotes RELAXATION
  • No medication required, ORGANIC
  • SAFE  for everyone
  • Can be practiced DAILY
  • No equipment required
  • FREEDOM from pain
  • Boosts IMMUNITY
  • Drops OXYGEN in the body
  • Integrates PSYCHOLOGICAL 
  • Disperses STRESS
  • Fast track to MEDITATION
  • EASY to learn
  • Access CONVERGENT & DIVERGENT  thinking

The only thing you need is knowledge. Our role as Transformational Breath Facilitators is to share the knowledge and expertise in our this area. Leaving you with the confidence and motivation to reap the above benefits for yourself.

Use this method daily, weekly, whenever; because it’s always with you, right there under your nose.

You need to experience a session of Transformational Breath first hand to discover how incredible this tool is. You can attend one of our workshops or book a one to one session.

Then you can imagine how Transformational Breath can benefit the well being of the people within your organisation.