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Why should you attend a breathing retreat?

We’ve been building our worldview and teaching people to breathe by visiting new countries as part of our journey (most recently China).

Why should you attend a breathing retreat?

The symbol above is the Chinese Mandarin for Breathe. The first symbol represents the exhale, the second the inhale. A subtle but dynamic cultural difference to our own as they exhale before they inhale; so you have to let go before you take in your next breath.

Why should you attend a breathing retreat?

It sounds too simple to be of any benefit, especially on retreat. However, it’s about letting go and bringing goodness back into your life.

The advice to “Just Breathe” when you’re stressed might seem a cliche of epic proportions. But that doesn’t make it not true.

It’s something that you’ve been doing all your life; so what’s there to learn? Yet humans everywhere don’t breathe very well. Babies and children breathe better than adults. So you’ve got a lot to unlearn.

Breathing is controlled by the unconscious yet it can be consciously controlled.

By consciously breathing in a connected way you gain access to a doorway between the physical emotional and spiritual world (that’s normally hidden).

We use our breath to repress and suppress our emotions. E-motion (energy in motion).

Physics teaches us that energy can’t be destroyed only transformed.  When we use our breath to stop feeling our emotions this energy transforms.  Stress, insomnia, grief, depression, exhaustion are examples of some of these transformed emotions.

Yet something magical happens if we use our breath consciously to connect with these emotions. We release, integrate them and feel lighter which brings balance, health and even joy back into our life.

So you might yet have to experience how powerful Transformational Breath can be. Our next workshop is in October and there are some Early Bird spaces left.

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However, we believe the best place to experience this amazing tool is on retreat.

We’ve found a beautiful venue in Normandy, just a few hours away from London.  You can remove yourself from your everyday distractions and reap the benefit of daily breath sessions.  We’ve added learning, fun, and uplifting activities into the mix. Campfires too.

We’ve got a talented team of facilitators and experts to support you during these 4 days away.

You’re really welcome, join us and explore new places inside and out with your breath.

Let go, unlearn and live

With love

The Big Breath Company

P.s Discounts available for more than one place. Email directly.

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